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The Council of Civilian and Military Educators

In this issue of our blog, we will discuss an element that rarely comes up in the discussion of what makes an institution friendly towards military-related students. This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Council of Civilian and Military Educators’ (CCME) annual symposium.  Thousands of educators involved …

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For-Profit Schools – Are they all bad?

From the onset, levitra the goal of the Military Online Colleges blog has been to provide readers with the information needed to make their decision on where to attend college and earn their degree. To that end, treat it is only natural that our discussion on what is truly “military …

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Getting the Credit You Deserve – Your Joint Services Transcript

In the last blog we discussed getting the credit you deserve from your military service, remedy and making sure the college you want to pursue your degree with takes into account your military training and experience for college credits. In this month’s discussion, viagra we will explore the Joint Services …

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Step 4 – Getting the Credit YOU Deserve!

So far in our series of what military friendly really means, we have covered the importance of accreditation when picking the right school for you to attend, and how to determine the best degree program for you to pursue. Now we will explore making sure you get the credit you …

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Step – 3 Choosing the Right Degree for YOU!

We are calling “Choosing the right degree” step 3, purchase in reality is should happen while you are doing your research on which college to attend. So keeping with the principles of Steven Covey, remedy you should “begin with the end in mind” when thinking about what degree program you …

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Military Friendly?

Welcome to the blog site of The purpose of the blog is to provide our readers with a wide range of information to help you better understand what “Military Friendly” really means as it relates to higher education.  Why is this important?Since the passing of the Post 9/11 GI …

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