The Council of Civilian and Military Educators

In this issue of our blog, we will discuss an element that rarely comes up in the discussion of what makes an institution friendly towards military-related students.

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Council of Civilian and Military Educators’ (CCME) annual symposium.  Thousands of educators involved with providing post-secondary educational opportunities, support, and services to military service members, veterans, and military dependents gathered in Anaheim California to meet and discuss how to best serve this unique college student population.

Who or what is CCME?


CCME is a non-profit organization which actively advocates for, provides educational support to, and communicates with educational professionals serving in the military education community. They do this by providing a forum for the exchange of information on educational programs, strategies, and innovation among its members and associated partners.

CCME is comprised of military educators, civilian educators, post secondary educational institutions, and suppliers of quality education products and services. CCME’s mission and purpose is to promote and provide educational programs and services and to facilitate communication between the membership and the DoD educational support network.

The annual CCME symposium provides a venue for civilian and military educators to provide general information, discuss new or future policies, and to share best practices pertaining to the education of military-related students.

One of the primary topics of the 2015 symposium was to provide post-secondary institutions, education support specialists, and various other interested organizations, with information specific to change 3 of the new Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU), which went into effect on 7 July 2014.  In our February Blog, we will go into greater detail about the DoD MOU and what it means to you.

Why is the work of CCME important to you – the military-related student?  In our series thus far, we have been discussing topics important in the research of what school to attend to earn your college degree. So, as a military-related student it is useful to know and understand, that an organization exists which strives to work collaboratively with both educators and legislators to improve, enhance, and to ensure military-related students receive a high quality college education.  CCME is one of these organizations. The question is; does your school support the efforts of CCME?  How do you find out?

On their website, CCME lists those schools and organizations that have opted to become a member of the council.  You can check out the member list by clicking the hyperlink, CCME Member List If your school is not listed, it does not mean they do not support the efforts of CCME.  Many institutions support the work of CCME through individual educator memberships. In addition, educators can become volunteers to support the work of CCME. So, as you conduct your research on what institution to attend, as the question if the school supports CCME.

How important is it for a school to support CCME?  That is for you to decide. All we are doing is presenting another element for you to take into consideration when selecting a college to pursue your education.

Next month, the Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding.

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