The Benefits of Distance Education for Service-members

While in the military, attending college simultaneously may seem daunting, but learning online makes it much more feasible. Distance education affords individuals the flexibility to focus on military service with the varying schedule that accompanies it and pursue their dreams without having to wait until completing service. Understanding how to best take advantage of distance education can be crucial to succeeding in various online programs.

Set Your Own Pace

Active service-members know how particular their schedules can be and online learning takes the headache out of trying to run around from the barracks to campus. Additionally, distance education allows individuals to attend class on the weekends and either make up or get ahead on their course load. For those who are actively seeking an approach to school that is much more aligned with a busy lifestyle, online learning is the route to go. Although it isn’t easy, the educational approach is often much more comprehensive. Since quizzes are administered online, students will often be able to use their books as reference tools. It’s important to note that questions are typically much harder and specific than in school settings that administer in-class examinations.

Enhance Time-Management Skills

Obviously, if you’re in the military full-time and looking to take classes, your schedule will be very busy. This is a great way to learn the best approaches to multi-tasking and how to juggle a handful of important tasks. To be able to detail a rigorous work ethic by being an active member of the military and simultaneously attending school makes a great selling point on one’s resume as well.

Promotion Opportunities

Enhancing one’s skill set while currently working also opens new doors for job growth while in the military. This can mean a higher salary and more responsibility, which can be very beneficial, especially in the long-term. Even if you aren’t planning on staying in the military when your contract is up, leaving in a higher position can be very impressive to other prospective employers.

Increasing Computer Skills

Unlike attending classes on a physical campus, distance learning prepares individuals for computer-oriented jobs by forcing them the refine their typing ability, as well as computer research skills. This is a great way to stand out from the pack when applying for jobs as well and employers will definitely note it.

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