The Internet has been a huge blessing for military servicemembers by letting them keep in touch with family and friends more easily when stationed overseas, and providing opportunities for both education and entertainment that were previously difficult to access from many parts of the world. There are many sites online dedicated solely to providing info for military servicemembers. Some are government sites providing official data on military happenings, and some are private organizations supporting the troops in various ways.

Additionally there are many sites dedicated to helping members of the military attain educational goals through online programs, scholarships, and other forms of assistance. The Post 9/11 GI Bill is one of the most common ways that military servicemembers can get assistance paying for higher education for themselves and their families during and after tours of duty. In this list we’ve compiled some of the best sites for fun, news, and especially education specifically for military servicemembers.

Official Military Branch Website

These are the main official websites of major branches of the U.S. military.

  1. Marines is the official website of the United States Marine Corps. It includes news, photos, and descriptions of various units, while also providing resources for prospective and current Marines and their families.


  2. U.S. Army

    This serves as the official page for the United States Army and details leaders, news, tips on Army life, and how to become more involved with your community if you’re in the Army.


  3. Official Air Force Website

    The Air Force’s page offers a way for Air Force members and those interested in Air Force-related information to access news, information, and social media.


  4. America’s Navy

    This is the official website for the United States Navy and includes top stories, recommended links, and career information.


  5. Coast Guard Compass

    Coast Guard Compass is the Official Blog of the US Coast Guard and they use it to gauge feedback from the public on a number of issues.

    BriefingOur Fame, Our Glory Too

Military Education

While the Post-9/11 GI Bill is one of the most common sources of financial aid for military servicemembers heading into higher education, there are lots of other scholarships, as well as sites that promote the education of servicemembers’ children, and offer other education related services.

  1. The Department of Veterans’ Affairs GI Bill Website

    The GI Bill Website is a great resource for educating recipients with information about choosing a school and more information for applying for benefits.

    BriefingVeteran’s Services

  2. New GI Bill

    New GI Bill is a website run by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and gives them a voice in educating currently serving members of the military of the benefits of the new GI Bill.

    BriefingPost 9/11 Bill

  3. Military Impacted Schools Association

    Military Impacted Schools Association has a principle aim of assisting the children of members of the military with resources and financial aid to achieve the most outright path towards success.


  4. Military Child Education Coalition

    Military Child Education Coalition is devoted to furthering the education of the children of members of the military who typically experience six to nine moves in their K-12 school years.

    BriefingParents and Students

  5. History of War

    History of War is a great site for military history buffs and veterans alike. There is a wealth of valuable information on conflicts the world over.

    BriefingBattles and Sieges

  6. Marine Corps University Foundation

    Marine Corps University Foundation stresses bettering the resources and educational capabilities available to members of the Marine Corps by tapping into the private sector.


  7. Dantes Troops to Teachers National Office

    DANTES primary goal is to expand education opportunities and services to service members of all types through a special partnership with the Department of Defense and the education community.


  8. Student Veterans

    Student Veterans is an organization whose focus is to empower military veterans with the educational resources imperative to success in the 21st century. They do this through support and advocacy on behalf of these veterans.


  9. National Defense University Foundation

    National Defense University Foundation is a non-profit that provides private sector support for the National Defense University.

    BriefingThe NDU Online Community

  10. Go Army Ed

    Go Army Ed helps members of the Army better locate resources relevant to college and inform them on tuition assistance policies.

    BriefingEducation Centers

  11. Army Study Guide

    Army Study Guide helps prepare Army service members for a variety of promotion tests and educate them on Army Programs, weapons, uniforms, awards, and other related material.


  12. Council of College and Military Educators

    The Council of College and Military Educators is a group committed to improving post-secondary options for members of the military and gives a voice to those who work in the education field around the military.


  13. Folds of Honor

    Folds of Honor is a foundation that assists military families with scholarships and other assistance for children and spouses of disabled or killed service members.

    BriefingGet Involved

  14. Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP)

    STOMP helps assist military families who have special needs children or those who have health needs. It’s currently funded through the Department of Education and serves families in a variety of ways.


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General Military Sites

From personal blogs of current and former military men and women to a radio station for veterans and war news websites, these are some of the best regularly updated websites catering specifically to military members.

  1. This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here

    This Ain’t Hell is a blog run by three former infantry members from the Army who blog about various issues and commonly incorporate relevant news stories into their posts. The blog examines gun issues, military abroad, veteran life, and more.

    BriefingUS to begin withdrawl from Wardak

  2. Castra Praetoria

    Castra Praetoria is run by “America’s Sergeant Major,” an individual who aims to give a voice to contemporary members of the military. He often takes questions from readers and post quotes, but also comments on military related news articles.

    BriefingYoung Lieutenants Part 3

  3. My Yellow Ribbon

    My Yellow Ribbon is a military mother’s blog that gives perspective to the burden placed on parents and other family members of deployed military members. She frequently posts about parts of the military centered around where her son is currently active, but it is thorough and informative.

    BriefingIowa National Guard prepares for peace, Soldiers should see fewer, shorter deployments

  4. Sarge’s List

    Sarge’s List is a veteran owned site providing classified ads that cater to those on military bases and other military settings. The founders’ experience in different branches of the military gives them the unique ability to provide military-oriented service through their site.

    BriefingAbout Us

  5. American Veterans Radio

    American Veterans Radio has been around since 2009 and is an internet radio station run by veterans. The goal is to provide veterans and first responders a great place to listen to music and commentary from a real veteran.

    BriefingNews Bulletins

  6. Veterans Crisis Line

    Veterans Crisis Line is a resource for veterans, as well as their family and friends, who may be experiencing distress from post-military life. The crisis line was launched in 2007 and has since helped close to a million people.

    BriefingGet Help

  7. Veterans Families United Foundation

    The Veterans Families United Foundation is designed to help veterans cope with various symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and provide resources for friends and family members to best assist in the process.

    BriefingHow To Get Help

  8. Military Connection

    Military Connection is resource for members of all branches of the military to find jobs, loans for a house or bills, and also a school directory to assist in post-military life.


  9. Wounded Warrior Family Support

    Wounded Warriors Family Support helps support families of military members who were injured or killed in action. Since the impact of affected families can vary from financial to psychological, they provide a range of services to assist families.

    BriefingOur Families

  10. Homes for our Troops

    Founded in 2004, Homes for our Troops is a non-profit aimed providing homes to severely injured veterans, exclusively through charitable donations. The homes are provided at no cost and the homes are designed to each veteran based on individual circumstances.

    BriefingOur Projects

  11. Veteran’s Welcome Home and Resource Center

    Veteran’s Welcome Home and Resource Center aims to assist in transitionary elements of veterans moving back into civilian life. Counseling, job placement, and benefit services are a few ways they aim to help veterans.

    BriefingVeteran’s Registration

  12. GovX

    GovX is a place where members of the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies can purchase premium apprel, equipment, and other tactical product. Registration is required before purchasing, just to ensure customers are in a military-related field.

    BriefingBecome A Member

  13. OutServe-SLDN

    Outserve-SLDN is an association of active military personnel that are part of the LGBT community. Their goal is to promote equality of the LGBT community and the rest of the military.

    BriefingVeteran’s Benefits

  14. Bouhammer’s Afghan & Military Blog

    Bouhammer is a run by a retired Army First Sergeant who served 22 years. His blog primarily covers events in Afghanistan and the military operations in the middle east.

    BriefingRevisit the attack on the 4th of july

  15. The Long War Journal

    The Long War Journal publishes an impressive array of articles covering the war in the middle east. The site is full of original content in the form of articles, stories, podcasts, maps, and other multimedia formats.

    BriefingSyrian Government Accuses Rebels of Launching Chemical Attack

  16. Blackfive

    Blackfive commentates on military-related news stories and other happenings and supplements it with videos and photos. Most of the articles are pretty light-hearted and a good resource for understanding the biggest stories being talked about in the military.

    BriefingSomeone You Should Know

  17. Lumberjack in a Desert

    Lumberjack in a Desert is run by a world champion log roller who has also served in the military and was injured while serving. He runs this blog and comments on various issues in the news related to the military.

    BriefingSome Thoughts on the Current State of Conservatives

  18. The Unknown Soldiers

    The Unknown Soldiers blog chronicles various members of the military whose stories do not get represented in the media, but still hold significant value. The author of the site is Tom Sileo, an award winning journalist who has worked for a variety of large media outlets.

    BriefingBe Proud

  19. The Duffel Blog

    The Duffel Blog is a comprehensive military blog that breaks posts down into various military branches and supplements commentary with news, video content, and a shop.


  20. Medals of America

    Medals of America is a blog that details each medal made, the years produced, the reason it would typically get awarded, as well as a description and picture. They have a store as well for purchasing a various accessories for medals.

    BriefingMilitary News

  21. Stars & Stripes

    Stars and Strips is an independent news and information source dedicated to the military community and run by active-duty service members, civilians in the Department of Defense, and other military related personnel. It has published a newspaper continuously since World War II and became available online in 1999.


  22. started in 1999 and provides free membership to service members, families, and veterans to all stay connected. They provide ample information relevant to government benefits, scholarships, and military stories, among other content.

    BriefingDaily News

  23. Military Living

    Military Living is a site dedicated to helping members of the military find and plan vacations during time off. Additionally, they have guides for temporary lodging, military transfers, and RV camping.

    BriefingTemporary Lodging Guide

  24. Military Spot

    Military Spot is a website that aims to connect service members with useful resources in areas like education, benefits, news, finances, marriage support, and career assistance. They have a wide range of interactive features that include forums, military social events, and photo and video uploads.


  25. MilitaryUSA

    MilitaryUSA is a database of military records that numbers over 13 million. Additionally, they have the only internet database of military personnel information from the 1991 Desert Storm/Gulf War.


  26. After Deployment

    After Deployment is a site dedicated to coping with various ailments that can impact service members upon return from deployment. They help members of the military community in areas such as Post-Traumatic Stress, Depression, Suicide Prevention, Stress, Anxiety, among others. They include assessments to help identify problems, videos, and a forum for discussing with other active members.


  27. Adopt a Platoon

    Adopt a Platoon helps civilians assist active service members while abroad by providing them with simple amenities that they might not typically receive. The site sets up letters to be sent to soldiers and helps civilians prepare care packages.


  28. Neslo Adventures – Veteran Advocacy and More!

    To assist Veterans to the best of our abilities to receive the honor, respect and benefits they deserve. We are a service-connected disabled veteran owned small biz that advocates for service-connected disabled veterans receive benefits that were denied by the VA.

  29. Books for Soldiers

    Books for Soldiers is a non-profit organization that aims to send books overseas to active service members who typically have large amounts of downtime, but lack resources to keep them busy or work on educating them. The organization gathers books locally, as well as across the country, and works with the military to ensure soldiers receive them.

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Army & Air Force

These sites pertain specifically to members of the U.S. Army and Air Force, though anyone wanting to read military-focused material could find them useful.

  1. My Dental School and Air Force Blog

    My Dental School and Air Force Blog chronicles Matthew Lee, a dental student at the University of Oklahoma who is paying for school with a 4-year Air Force HPSP. He explains through his posts how he got involved with the Air Force and the benefits associated with it.

    BriefingAir Force Health Professions

  2. Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association

    Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association is an organization founded in World War II and its purpose is to help men and women serving the country. They sell bonds, mend clothes, and work in hospitals, among other things.


  3. Air Force Association Blog

    The Air Force Association is a nonprofit that promotes public understanding of aerospace power. The posts highlight various elements of the Air Force and how it relates to various issues.

    BriefingHagel Honors Sacrifices on 10th Anniversary of Iraq War’s Start

  4. Air Force Negotiation Center of Excellence

    The Air Force Negotiation Center of Excellence provides information and training on group problem solving, collaboration, and negotiation in a military setting. The information is provided by the Air Force but is relevant to all branches of military, and even anyone outside the military who is intrigued by negotiation.

    BriefingMission Brief

  5. Air Force Enlisted Forums

    Air Force Enlisted Forums is a site for people currently enlisted in the Air Force to discuss various things from their branch of the military. The topics range from lighthearted to serious, offering direct insight from the Air Force.


  6. Air Force Times

    Air Force Times is a news site the posts stories about the Air Force and other information relevant to those currently or formerly enlisted.


  7. Air Force Magazine

    Air Force Magazine is run by the Air Force Association and covers Air Force relevant news and general military news.

    BriefingMagazine Archive

  8. Air Force Aid Society

    As the official charity of the U.S. Air Force, Air Force Aid Society promotes the actions of the Air Force and helps members of Air Force members’ families who may face financial burdens and provide education assistance.

    BriefingHow We Can Help

  9. Air Force Personnel Center

    Air Force Personnel Center is located at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas and acts as a 24-hour contact center for Air Force Personnel. They schedule various assignments and facilitate professional development of all enlisted members.


  10. Bring the heat, Bring the stupid

    Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid is run by a person attempting to distill Army jargon down into a form that is easier to understand and propagate a forum for discussing Army-related matters.

    BriefingRules of Combat

  11. Army Strong Stories

    Army Strong Stories are all stories told by various members of the army from the soldiers’ perspective. It is not limited in rank or background and invites soldiers to provide unfiltered stories of what takes place.

    BriefingSoldier Blogs

  12. Army Times

    Army Times compiles news, education tips, help with off-duty life, benefit details, and more, all to help Army members ease her or his life. Videos, forums, and photos from the frontline are the most popular sections on the site.


  13. Army Emergency Relief

    Army Emergency Relief has been around since 1942 and aims to help members of the Army with financial assistance in hard times and assist in loan repayment. They award annual scholarships to members of the Army, providing great assistance with going to college.

    BriefingFinancial Assistance

  14. U.S. Army Human Resources Command

    U.S. Army Human Resources Command helps communicate necessary information to members of the Army, as well as assisting with promotion tools and information on career opportunities.

    BriefingEnlisted Personnel Management Directorate

  15. Army Reserve

    The Army Reserve website supplies users with information about joining the Army Reserve and is the gateway for current Reserve members to have resources available for possible deployment opportunities and information for furthering involvement.


  16. Association of the United States Army

    The Association of the United States helps be a voice for Army members, reservists, and other related areas. They help promote a positive relationship between the American public and Army.


  17. Air National Guard

    Air National Guard’s page provides up-to-date information about happenings in the Air National Guard through news, photos, art, and history.


  18. Army National Guard

    This is the official page for the Army National Guard and includes various tips on life in the Army National Guard. There are a number of great resources for soldiers, but also advice on helping families.

    BriefingSoldier Resources

  19. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a chief goal of promoting environmental sustainability and working on hurricane and storm damage reduction, as well as infrastructure rebuilding. They also help with cleanup of hazardous waste that impacts America.


  20. Strategic Studies Institute

    The Strategic Studies Institute is a U.S. Army War College devoted to geostrategic and national security research and includes studies of various foreign strategic policies and curriculums on defense.

    BriefingPublications and Analysis

  21. Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association

    The Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association provides life insurance for members of the military and helps support its community of members. They’re a non-profit and are thorough in providing survivor assistance services.

    BriefingLife Insurance

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The official Marines website isn’t the only place for former and current Marines to get their info. These sites offer a wide range of perspectives on the life of a Marine.

  1. The Semper Fi Fund

    The Semper Fi Fund is a non-profit that helps injured and critically ill members of the US Armed Forces and their families. They handle a variety of physical and mental services as well.


  2. The SandGram

    The SandGram is the blog of a Marine officer of 26 years that is just about to retire. His posts talk about different subjects all the realm of Marine life.

    BriefingUSMC Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy

  3. USMC Officer Candidates School Blog

    USMC Officer Candidates School Blog is run by a 2009 graduate and current Marine Corps Officer. He also chronicled his shift from civilian to Marine officer on a separate blog.

    BriefingHeading to OCS

  4. the semi-normal, day-to-day life of a female Marine

    A Female Marine is the blog of a woman who currently works in the Individual Ready Marine Reserve. She posts on the similarities and differences of being a female in the Marine Corps.

    BriefingTeaching Women The…What??

  5. Marine Corps Association & Foundation Blogs

    The Marine Corps Association & Foundation is the preeminent professional organization for all Marines. Active, Reserve, and retired Marines are all eligible for membership as well.

    BriefingPrograms and Events

  6. The Old Jarhead

    The Old Jarhead is a blog run by Robert A Hall, a former Marine and Senator who has worked extensively in the Massachusetts area all of his life. The posts on the blog regularly cover conflict-issues of the United States and he comments on Marine-related issues also.

    BriefingOld Jarhead’s Political SitRep for March 21, 2013

  7. Future Jarheads

    Future Jarheads is a site dedicated to educating individuals who are currently interested in joining the United States Marine Corps and equips them with proper information concerning boot camp, picking a job, and gives a pragmatic view of day-to-day life once in.

    BriefingGeneral Info

  8. One Marine’s View

    One Marine’s View is written from the perspective of seasoned members of the Marines and they post on different heroes of the military and news.

    BriefingHero’s Call

  9. Leatherneck

    Leatherneck is a site for all Marine-related tasks, it includes news commentary, and updates on various events the Marines become involved in.


  10. Modern Marine Corps

    Modern Marine Corps is centered on the contemporary practices of the United States Marine Corps. They discuss modern weaponry, work outs, and life as an active duty Marine today.

    Briefing2013 Marine Corps Reading List

  11. Marine Corps Web Log

    Marine Corps Web Log is loaded with information such as honoring those who have fallen, photos, videos, interviews with actual Marines, Marine jokes and humor, along with training and weapons.

    BriefingJust One of The Few

  12. Life as a Marine

    Life as a Marine aims to depict Marine life for whatever phase a person wishes to gain insight into, ranging from currently deployed to college and retired as well.

    BriefingSupporting the Decision

  13. Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

    The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation’s goal is to preserve the history, traditions, and culture of the Marine Corps and keep the American public informed and educated.

    BriefingHeritage Center

  14. Young Marines

    Young Marines is a youth education service programs for children as young as eight and as late as high school. It helps prepare children and teenagers who are currently interested in joining the Marines when they become of-age.

    BriefingGet Involved

  15. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

    Marine Scholarship Foundation helps award need-based scholarships to children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen and includes special initiatives to be active in local communities.


  16. Marine Family Network

    Marine Family Network is a site designed to help parents who may be reluctant about their child joining the military and advice for those coping through different stages of a Marine’s career.


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From SEALs to seamen, members of the Navy can find great info at these navally oriented web pages.

  1. Wharf Rat’s Home – A Shipmate Who Never Made it to Sea.

    Wharf Rat’s Home posts different ships, home port changes, and other Navy-related news. He is often involved with events in the Navy and is an honorary plank owner for a number of ships.

    BriefingUSS Monitor Internment

  2. The Navy Log Blog

    The United State Navy Memorial includes a public plaza and Naval Heritage Center, located in Washington DC. The website logs current and upcoming events, along with Navy news and exhibits.


  3. Voice from the Noise

    Voice From The Noise is run by a for Navy service member who posts on different issues in the military and global issues. The posts are sometimes relevant to the military, but many times are just his commentary on current events.

    BriefingHere and There

  4. The Stupid Shall Be Punished

    The Stupid Shall Be Punished is a blog run by a retired submarine officer and describes his transition into civilian life. The content on the site typically consists of submarine-related stories and commentary.

    BriefingSubmarine Admirals Move Around

  5. Eagle Speak

    Eagle Speak is run by a retired Navy Reserve Captain and Attorney who blogs frequently about maritime security and issues in the Navy.

    BriefingMining Methane Hydrate and What it Means

  6. Navy Warfare Development Command

    Navy Warfare Development Command was implemented in 2002 to pursue innovations in further developing naval warfare strategies. They consistently are developing the cutting-edge technology for warfighters.

    Briefing Reporting Onboard

  7. Sailors, Mariners & Warriors League

    Sailors, Mariners, & Warriors League is run by a Naval Petty Officer and he frequently posts about different Navy stories and news around the world.

    Briefing’Every Man For Himself’ As Ship Sank

  8. Navy CyberSpace Blog

    Navy Cyberspace is flush with Navy information, such as pay charts over the past few years, benefits, recruiting areas, and even insight into the British Military that is not often looked at in the United States.

    BriefingNavy Recruiting Districts

  9. Naval Historical Foundation

    Naval Historical Foundation was founded in 1926 to preserve, educate, and commemorate United States Naval history.


  10. Navy League of the United States

    The Navy League of the United States is a civilian-run organization focused on supporting and empowering the Navy. It is highlighted by an in-depth news section, as well as various programs and memberships to help support the Navy.


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Coast Guard

These sites offer info on everything from mutual aid for Coastguardsmen to personal blogs from those with an insider view of the Coast Guard.

  1. Chuck Hill’s CG Blog

    Chuck Hill writes on Coast Guard issues like the budget, tactics, policies, and the general state of the military branch, while also reflecting on his own service and the history of the coast guard.

    BriefingRecommended Blogs

  2. U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association represents the US Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association and allows them have a place to broadcast upcoming conventions and chapter information, along with informative links and how to apply for membership.


  3. Fleet Reserve Association

    Fleet Reserve Association is a non-profit that represents the Navy, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard all under one heading. It is designed for those with 20 or more years of service, but less than 30.


  4. Coast Guard Channel Community

    Coast Guard Channel is a way for members of the Coast Guard to communicate between one another via forums, events, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They supplement communicative tools with videos, photos, and a store.


  5. Coast Guard Foundation Blog

    The Coast Guard Foundation is a non-profit whose goal is the enhance the lives of those serving in the Coast Guard, as well as their families. The site provides news, events, and a way to help give to the Coast Guard.

    BriefingHow We Help

  6. Coast Guard News

    Coast Guard News is a news site posting content exclusively related to events in the Coast Guard and also provides links to quality Coast Guard sites.

    BriefingCoast Guard Maui Rescue Crews Searching for Missing Snorkeler

  7. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance helps clients when they are in need of financial support. Conditions to qualify vary in a fairly large range and often involve essentials like housing, medical needs, and emergencies.

    BriefingAssistance Programs

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Editor’s note. The list has grown beyond its original scope of 100 sites as we have found more amazing and useful websites for military servicemembers.