Being away from friends and family while on a tour of duty with the armed forces can be tough, and coming back is sometimes even tougher. Maintaining social connections, building a career outside the military, and coping with the major transition from military to civilian lifestyles is difficult and draining. Fortunately there are growing communities online that are trying to make all of that just a bit easier on military servicemembers and their families. All of the main branches of the U.S. military have Google Plus accounts, as do many civilian organizations dedicated to supporting current and former members of the military who are looking for education and career opportunities either during or after their tours of service. These Google Plus accounts aren’t being ranked, per se, but they are a great starting point for anyone in military service that is looking for a connection online.


  1. USO

    The USO works through volunteers to help support families of service members, as well as those in service who are deployed or stateside. Their Google Plus page is a fantastic resource for those looking for ideas to help support troops, their families, or for news about how the USO is working towards keeping military families together.

  2. The U.S. Army

    This is the official Google Plus account for the United States Army. This account posts military news, as well as encourages open forum discussion for members to participate in open forum discussion, post pictures and learn about Army news and processes.

  3. US Army Reserve

    The official Google Plus page for the US Army Reserve answers questions for followers like, What are they doing now? How are they contributing the welfare of our nation? Their posts, pictures, and videos show the interesting and important needs the Reserve meets every day.

  4. National Guard

    The National Guard is the first responder to all domestic emergencies across the country. Their Google Plus page pays homage to their hard work through videos updates and news posts.

  5. United States Navy

    The US Navy Google Plus account is full of information about the newest technology employed by the Navy. Members can watch and comment on videos of new aircraft test flights, Pentagon news reports, and other Navy research projects all in one place.

  6. United States Marine Corp

    The Google Plus account for the US Marines is managed by the recruiting branch of the corp, and therefore offers an abundance of information about how the Marines can improve your life and how they also improve the world. Additionally, this space functions as a forum for feedback, support, questions, and interactive conversation about the corp.

  7. Department of Defense

    The United States Department of Defense Google Plus page aims to equip the community of users with the most up-to-date information pertaining to news and a forum for discussing different operations in securing America today.

  8. United States Air Force

    The United States Air Force Google Plus page focuses on providing great information on all the latest happenings and interesting history as it pertains to this branch of the military.

  9. Defense Industry Daily

    Defense Industry Daily is an excellent news resource for military acquisition officers and defense industry managers. Here, followers can get updates on worldwide military projects

  10. 3d US Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)

    Honoring the oldest active-duty infantry regiment in the Army, this page shares news, history, and photos from this Virginia-based Regiment. Interested followers can interact with each other and follow the happenings of this important and historical part of the US Army.

  11. Hiring Our Heroes

    Hiring Our Heroes brings light to the important need of helping veterans and their spouses find meaningful employment. Their Google Plus page shares dates and news about careers workshops, as well as celebrates companies that are known for hiring vets.

  12. Boot Campaign

    The Boot Campaign is a twofold initiative – sell boots and raise awareness. Each sale brings a donation for partner organization to assist returning veterans with emotional and physical challenges. Each post shares celebrity supporters or awareness events.

  13. Blue Star Families

    Blue Star Families is another organization that is dedicated to helping to keep military families together and making military life sustainable. This Google Plus resource offers military families tips for long deployments ad tips about jobs, and allows military members and families to chat and connect.

  14. Operation Ward 57

    Operation Ward 57 supports wounded soldiers and their families. Their Google Plus page is full of information about great incentives and ways to get involved in supporting this cause.

  15. Defense Logistics Agency

    Defense Logistics Agency works to ensure proper distribution of almost every item used in America’s military services. Their Google Plus page showcases some of the fantastic ways they support US servicemen and women across the world.

  16. The United States Army Field Band

    The United States Army Field Band are the Musical Ambassadors of the Army. This page includes videos of fantastic covers, performances, and biographies of specific officers.


    MilitaryToGo can help save hundreds of dollars on airfare for military families. The posts on their page share resources for saving money on airfare for destinations all over the United States.

  18. Sittercity Military Program

    Sittercity helps members of military families – all branches, active and reserve – find childcare for their families. From this page, military families can connect with each other and help find childcare connections as well

  19. Institute for Veterans and Military Families

    The IVMF considers their primary mission to be nurturing a community of higher education for veterans and their families. They continually share information about upcoming programs and their practical application in the lives of military families.

  20. Amanda for Military Apparel Company

    This company creates custom bags and accessories from personal military uniforms and also donates a portion of the sales back to the military. This page showcases some of her amazing designs and creative items for sale.

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  22. US Military Gamers

    For those interested in military games, this Google Plus page is full of news, reviews, and previews of the best and latest. Followers can respond and comment on trailers and ask questions about the upcoming games.

  23. US Military

    This page houses thousands of pictures and videos of the men and women who have served in the US Army. This is a great page for those interested in this branch of the military and both current and past events – many of these pictures have never been seen on any news programs before.

  24. MEA Helper

    Military Education Assistance works with those in the military to help them get what they need to go to college and be successful. Focusing on a college education after military service can be difficult, but the resources available on their page make it much easier.

  25. Student Veterans of America UCF Chapter

    Student Veterans of America UCF Chapter provides the best information for those who have served and are working on attaining an education. The page works to provide resources, outreach, and networking opportunities for a number of individuals.

  26. US Army Partnership for Youth Success Program

    Soldiers who enlist in the regular and reserve Army and ROTC Cadets who receive a commission are guaranteed an interview and possible employment through the US Army Partnerships for Youth Success Program. Excellent posts include encouraging success stories, as well as current companies hiring.

  27. Challenge America

    Challenge America focuses on easing the burdens on veterans who come back from war and deployment zones. Their links to resources – including veteran friendly employers, hotlines for mental health, and encouragement about blogging their story – help to transition vets back home.

  28. Military Car Lot

    Military Car Lot is a military-focused car resource. Here, active or reserved members of the military can find advice about finding, buying, selling, and working on cars – all to help make one important issue in their life a little bit easier.

  29. Operation Homefront

    For families of military members struggling with emergency financial needs, Operation Homefront can help meet them. Operation Homefront helps to directly and immediately fund emergency needs for military families for things like critical home repairs, food, or baby supplies, and this site shows all the ways that they are involved in supported military families across the country.

  30. Army NCO Support

    The Army NCO page offers great posts on new policies. Here, followers can also get any updates on news and share feedback.

  31. Naval Historical Foundation

    The Naval Historical Foundation Google Plus page always has great links and posts to interesting Navy history topics. They share new books reviews that have been published about relevant topics and post any events that are happening that celebrate naval history, making it a great page for any military or history buffs.

  32. US Army Contracting Command

    This organization helps to supply the US Army – from Humvees and trucks to boots and food. For those interested in how that process works, followers can see updates, job listings and other Army news.

  33. United Military Care

    Committed to providing military families with “hope and honor” during hardships, the United Military Care Google Plus page works to help raise money for military families. Posts share events from poker runs, art shows, and other gatherings that raise and donate money for military families.

  34. Everyday Heroes USA

    Everyday Heroes helps connect veterans to hundreds of dedicated groups and organizations that offer a service or a discount to members of the military or their families. Here, vets can find anything from help on processing VA claims to how to connect with other veterans.

  35. Soldier 4 Life

    Soldier 4 Life complements other army resources and emphasizes how soldiers come from communities around America and following their service return back to these communities. The Google Plus page focuses on the greatest aspects of these soldiers and how we can best provide for them before, during, and after their service to the country.

  36. USA Military Medals

    USA Military Medals is the destination when it comes to military awards and all military-related items. The Google Plus page helps keep those interested in the latest developments and interesting new items in stock.

  37. U.S. Department of State

    The US Department of State handles all of the foreign policy issues for the country. Their Google Plus page is full of news updates, photos, interviews with diplomats, press briefings, and remarks from the Secretary of State.

  38. Army Medicine

    The Google Plus page for Army Medicine is the official source for any information related to medical care in the army and those involved in the care of those protecting America.

  39. Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

    The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point aims to engage the public in discussions pertaining to a variety of Marine Corps-related subjects.

  40. Military Connection

    Military Connection is a large directory of resources and information that allows for service members to have access to tons of great tools they would need, regardless of branch.

  41. NATO

    The North American Treaty Organization Google Plus page provides a forum for discussing NATO-related issues. The page is great because it allows citizens to have a portal in which to get in touch with NATO at a slightly more intimate level.

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    Militarycom is the largest military destination on the internet, providing to over 10 million members comprised of active, retired, family members, and those considering military careers. The Google Plus page posts discussions and fosters a better relationship between service members and their communities.

  44. Hire Heroes USA

    Hire Heroes shares what organizations and businesses offer military discounts, as well as who is likely to hire veterans. They also offer career counseling, interview training, and resume review services.

  45. Army Future Soldier Center

    This page is for anyone who is looking to join the army. Posts include prep tips, videos, instructional lists, and army quotes and credos to prepare future soldiers.

  46. Marine Corps Gazette

    This journal began in 1913 has a way to express new ideas and contribute to the continual evolution of the Corp. Their Google Plus page is primarily brief video updates from the journal itself.

  47. National Veterans Foundation

    The National Veterans Foundation uses their Google Plus page to emphasize all the ways veterans can be supported, along with where to get help when needed.

  48. US Air Force Academy Association of Graduates

    This is a great site to help follow the graduates of the Air Force academy. Posts publicize their achievements and share and recognize their accomplishments.

  49. Society of American Military Engineers

    The Society of American Military Engineers looks at some of the most important military engineers in the country and is an organization for discussing numerous issues pertaining to them.

  50. Defense Media Network

    Defense Media Network outlines all the news and history one could want as relevant to the military. The site has features, commentaries, interviews, and more, all which get posted on to the Google Plus page.

  51. Smart Military Money

    If you’re in the military and unsure how to carefully manage your income to ensure stability, Smart Military Money is the first Google Plus page you should check out. It provides great tips for active-duty service members, along with ways your family back home can manage.

  52. Pritzker Military Library

    Pritzker Military Library is a great institution for getting information on the history of the military, different books on any facet of service, and more. The Google Plus page posts new additions to the library, along with interesting pieces of history.

  53. Help4VetsPTSD, Inc

    The Google Plus page from Help4VetsPTSD, Inc. is a great resource for veterans trying to cope with elements of PTSD and the debilitating conditions that surround it many times.

  54. Institute for Defense and Government Advancement

    This organization promotes and communicates the ideas and news of the defense industry. The online community of the Google Plus page serves as a way to let the IDGA share business opportunities, introductions, podcasts, webinars and presentations from key industry leaders and let the online community comment, question, and react.

  55. SDDC (U.S. Army)

    The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command provides fantastic distribution options for equipment and supplies for the United States Army. The Google Plus page highlights ways they help the military globally.

  56. AMFAS – American Military Families Autism Support

    The American Military Families Autism Support assists military families who have a member with Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s a great way to get help from a community of individuals in similar situations as well.

  57. On Duty Gear

    On Duty gear sells equipment to police, firemen, and military members. Their posts include updates and photos of the latest gear as well as videos of some of their tools in use.

  58. Claude Booth

    Claude Booth is a retired U. S. Coast Guard Radar Operator that uses his Google Plus page to discuss different issues related to communications, radar, and defense systems electronics.

  59. Orion International

    Orion International is the largest military recruiting firm in America and assists individuals with placement into some of the best companies in the country.

  60. Military Embedded Systems

    Military Embedded Systems is a magazine that focuses on the insight of embedded tools and strategies such as software, hardware, systems, intel and technology. This is a great resource for anyone interested in the technological and back end part of military life.

  61. Army Heritage Center Foundation

    The Army has a long, proud tradition and the Army Heritage Center Foundation is the Army “friends” group that works to share that history and legacy. The center shares historical trivia and their page announces lectures and series times that will take place on site.

  62. AFN American Forces network

    The American Forces Network is the television network that provides programming for different shows to those in the military across the globe who wish to watch programming from shows back home. They host many special events at bases across the country and just try to ease the burden on service members’ lives.

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  64. Military1

    Military1 is a great website for military personnel to find great resources, military news, job, military products and more. Their Google Plus page focuses on helping put those involved with the military in touch with all the things they need to stay happy and better themselves.

  65. Center for the Army Profession and Ethic

    Using their Google Plus page to present a range of useful information to current and veteran army members, The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic is a great place to gain more information about the philosophy and discipline behind this military branch.

  66. Homeland Security Today

    Homeland Security Today is a leader in independent news and analysis on everything related to managing homeland security and the different developments occurring in this field. The posts on the Google Plus page are both informative and objective.

  67. Helping Hands For Freedom

    A charity specifically for children of military members, Helping Hands for Freedomworks to enrich children’s lives through celebrity meetings, sporting events, and camps. Their page shares their recent outreaches, as well as how followers can donate or get involved.

  68. Support Military Foundation

    This community driven organization is dedicated to serving as National Resource Directory of reliable information. Here, people can find verified and accessible military information as well as the original source and navigate the often overwhelming amount of data and news available.

  69. VetNet Basic Training Track

    VetNet is a job training and placement tool for veterans. This is a great tool for anyone looking for advice, coaching, training, or job leads.

  70. Veterans Supportive Services Agency, Inc.(VSSA)

    An organization committed to serving and supporting veterans, this agency invests resources to impact the lives of veterans. Here vets and their families can find links to discounted events as well as celebratory gatherings that applaud and remember their service.

  71. United States Special Operations Command

    USSOCOM organizes, trains and equips Special Operations Forces to support U.S. security interests around the world. This page shows off their current projects and updates followers about news and history of the Special Operations division of the United States.

  72. Military Authority

    Military Authority exists to share the best and most reliable knowledge and information about education benefits, career planning, pay, retirement planning and healthcare benefits for military members. Their Google Plus page serves as a place to share many of these resources, but also to share stories, connect with other military families, and support each other.

  73. DARPA

    The official Google Plus account for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) features a great mix of posts and links to articles about research currently being conducted by DARPA. The agency’s efforts include everything from creating advanced prosthetic devices for wounded soldiers, to developing new water desalination systems to make saltwater drinkable in places where fresh water is scarce.

  74. Veterans United

    Veterans United is a mortgage company that serves veterans and military families. They work closely with their homebuyers, forming connections with veterans and helping them surmount in their unique home buying challenges, including receiving a VA home loan.


    This organization serves those interested in the long reaching United States military records. Their page shares current military news with followers, real military record facts, as well as interesting uses for their services.

  76. The US Military Hall of Fame

    A group dedicated to showcasing the bravery of every military hero, this hall of fame works to ensure that history is shared. Photos and interviews with revolutionary figures are shared, historical dates are posted, and conversations are encouraged to honor these heroes.

  77. Arlington National Cemetery

    When it comes to commemorating fallen servicemen and women, Arlington National Cemetery has been long established as the bastion for honoring them. The Google Plus page often posts inspiring symbols of patriotism.

  78. Combat Veterans with PTSD

    Combat Veterans with PTSD is a Google Plus page focusing on providing a wealth of resources for those who have been adversely affected by their time serving. The page is written by a veteran coping with PTSD, so you can rest assured that the insight is coming from a valuable perspective.

  79. Military Pro LLC

    Founded by two US Army veterans with extensive experience combining for over 45 years of service, Military Pro LLC helps members of all parts of the military have the mobile applications they need to be supported.

  80. Coast Guard News

    Coast Guard News looks at all the latest information concerning the United States Coast Guard and provides great updates, pictures, and more. Their Google Plus page emphasizes how they best impact the communities they support.

  81. Veterans & Active Duty

    Veterans and Active Duty is a Google Plus Community page that supports those in the military with encouragement and posts accentuating how much their communities support them.

  82. National Security Agency

    The National Security Agency helps keep America safe in innumerable ways and their posts on their Google Plus account drive home different initiatives their pursuing to keep America at the forefront in terms of security and safety.

  83. USNA AAF

    The United States Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation works with graduates of the United States Naval Academy to ensure all the resources to succeed following completion.

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  85. US Navy Recruiting

    US Navy Recruiting focuses on implementing exciting new methods for encouraging people to join the military and better themselves and communities. The Google Plus page posts different links and videos related to recruiting techniques.

  86. Air Mobility Command

    Air Mobility Command works to ensure the proper rollout of different air-related initiatives in the military, often using the Google Plus page to provide different sources for gaining information on the Air Force and more.

  87. United States Air Force+ Community

    United States Air Force+ Community brings together different parts of those involved with the Air Force to have a collective community for discussing issues members may have.

  88. Air Force Reserve

    The Air Force Reserve promotes the benefits the reservists experience while enabling them to work alongside active duty Air Force members. It’s a fantastic way to help communities, build personal skills, and contribute to the country.

  89. U.S. Pacific Fleet

    U.S. Pacific Fleet is a subsection of the U.S. Navy and focuses exclusively on operations in the Pacific Ocean. Their Google Plus page posts different Naval happenings relevant to that particular area of the world.

  90. SGT Dunson

    SGT Dunson work in the United States Army and posts awesome information relating to being in the army, living with PTSD, and other updates relevant to those in the military.

  91. Purple Heart Homes

    Purple Heart Homes helps veterans who have been injured in combat and focuses on providing them and their families all the resources they need to ensure happiness.

  92. United States Navy Band

    The United States Navy Band Google Plus page emphasizes one of the best military bands in the world. The page details different events that are upcoming and what to expect from this notable group.

  93. U. S. Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma

    U.S. Coast Guard Training Center of Petaluma is the largest training facility on the west coast for the United States Coast Guard. Their page is incredibly informative when it comes to information pertaining to Coast Guard-related activities.

  94. Navy Vets

    Navy Vets is a dedicated resource that helps veterans of the United States Navy to have the support they need when it comes to health, happiness, stability, and more.

  95. West Point-Military Academy

    West-Point Military Academy is the premier military academy and their Google Plus page fosters a safe environment to discuss many different issues within the community.

  96. The American Military Partner Association

    The American Military Partner Association promotes a useful way to look at marriage and supports LGBT service members and veterans in the quest to have equal rights.

  97. 3G Tactical

    3G Tactical sells the latest in tactical gear and works with military members to help them attain the firearms they desire to refine their skills and practice safety.

  98. Ray Odierno

    Ray Odierno is the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, using his Google Plus page to create a welcoming and exciting forum for discussing various happenings in the Army today.

  99. US Navy Women Veterans

    US Navy Women Veterans is a Google Plus page providing wonderful resources for the incredibly strong women who serve in the Navy. Where the page excels is its ability to convey quality information to veterans when they need it.

  100. Brian Walsh

    Brian Walsh is a Marine Corps veteran who is now an actor trying to make a living in the film industry. His unique life experiences have prepared him adequately for a variety of roles as an actor and his Google Plus page emphasizes how a career in the military can prepare you for any career.

  101. Jacksonville Battalion

    The Jacksonville Battalion is an integral branch of the United States Army they helps recruit and train service members in over 150 jobs. The Google Plus page posts useful and insightful information on what it’s like to be in the Army, along with heartfelt ways to connect with those currently serving.

  102. VetNet Career Connections Track

    The Career Connections Track, offered by VetNet, is a fantastic resource for military servicemembers working on the transition back to civilian life. Career advice, interviewing tips and other job info geared specifically for military servicemembers is regularly posted on this great Google Plus account.

  103. Veterans Education

    Veterans Education believes that college education is both important and necessary for military veterans. This organization does a great job of demonstrating why and how military veterans should go about pursuing higher education.

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