The American Civil War played a huge part in the evolution of the U.S. as we know it today. Understanding the history of the Civil War offers insight into the massive impact that military conflict can have on a nation. Many historians have dedicated their entire careers to studying particular aspects of the war, and there is plenty of documentation and analysis available freely and publicly for anyone who cares to learn more about this massively influential period in American history. The sites listed here have not been ranked, but are divided into various categories covering many, many aspects of the conflict and its historical consequences, including:

  • Specific battles and events in the broader context of the war
  • Significant individuals, from Abraham Lincoln to Robert E. Lee
  • Museums, Memorials, and commemorations of the Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.

Civil War Blogs

Plenty of blogs exist to cover specific angles of Civil War history, and there are those that take a broader approach as well. Blogs tend to offer a more opinionated and personalized tone, and since many are written by professional historians, the information is usually both engaging and accurate.

  1. National Park Service: The Civil War

    NationalParkServiceTheCivilWar The U.S. National Park Service cares for special places saved by the American people so that everyone may experience the heritage and preserve historic places.

  2. American Civil War Story

    AmericanCivilWarStory This site shares stories and anecdotes from the Civil War. They have digitized archives about women who fought in the war, spies, battles, inventions and weapons.

  3. Irish in the American Civil War

    IrishintheAmericanCivilWar This site explores the Irish involvement in the American Civil War. Some of their resources include details on Irish born Generals and Brevet Generals, After Action Reports, Regimental Nativity graphics, Regimental Losses, Irish casualties of the Fetterman Fight and Donors to the Irish Relief Fund.

  4. John Banks’ Civil War Blog

    JohnBanksCivilWarBlog This Civil War blog focuses on Connecticut, Antietam, Gettysburg and stories of common soldiers. The site includes rare pictures, interactive battlefield panoramas and many stories about soldiers from Connecticut.

  5. Teaching the Civil War With Technology

    TeachingtheCivilWarWithTechnology This site focuses on Civil War topics which are not generally covered by history classes. These topics include daily life of a soldier, famous woman and civilian life of the era, music of the period and its role to both soldiers and civilians, and medicine of the period – all not typically covered by any standard Civil War course.

  6. Civil War Emancipation

    CivilWarEmancipation This site focuses on the act of emancipation that took place during the Civil War. They share historical documents and recounting of events that were involved in ending slavery.

  7. Confessions of a Half A$$ Historian

    confessionsofahalfasshistorian Lee Hutch writes as the Half A$$ Historian. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and loves writing about is passion.

  8. Seven Score and Ten

    SevenScoreandTen In honor of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, this site takes an in-depth look at the history of the war. They share daily posts that include maps, historical documents, and even the secession convention journals and meeting notes.

  9. Past in the Present

    PastinthePresent This site focuses on matters relating to American history, especially from the colonial era through the Civil War. The author draws from historical books and regularly discusses sites, exhibits, debates, myths, personalities, and preservation.

  10. Cannonball!

    Cannonball Scott L. Mingus, Sr. is the author of several books and magazine articles on the Civil War. This Cannonball blog presents stories and anecdotes from the war years, as well as announcing local Civil War events of the modern day.

  11. Tidewater Historian

    TidewaterHistorian This site is a good resource for historians or students interested in the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, Virginia History, or American Naval and Maritime History. Run by a PhD student, he posts his research, articles, and other historical stories of interest.

  12. Civil War Daily Gazette

    CivilWarDailyGazette The American Civil War is now celebrating its sesquicentennial. Each posting presents the news as it happened 150 years ago to the day.

  13. Civil War Memory

    CivilWarMemory Kevin M. Levin is an Instructor of American history at Gann Academy near Boston. Over the past fifteen years he has taught a wide range of courses, including the Civil War, Civil War Memory, Lincoln, Race and Gender, and Women’s History. His research and blog focuses on the Civil War era and historical memory.

  14. To the Sound of the Guns

    TotheSoundoftheGuns To the Sound of the Guns is a Civil War history blog — artillery, battlefields and historical markers.

  15. Interpreting the Civil War

    InterpretingtheCivilWar This blog, written by John Rudy, discusses how we talk about a war that changed a nation. It allows readers to meditate on interpretation in both theory and practice.

  16. Mysteries and Conundrums

    MysteriesandConundrums This is a blog written by park staff that explores the Civil War-era landscape in the Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania region.

  17. Crossroads

    Crossroads Crossroads offers readers a discussion of various topics, most related to history, historians, and the academic life, although here and there other subjects are included.

  18. Emerging Civil War

    EmergingCivilWar Emerging Civil War is a community of up-and-coming authors/speakers dedicated to furthering the public’s understanding of the American Civil War. Topics span the entire Civil War era: the battles, the politics, the personalities, remembrance, and more.

  19. CWi’s Blue Gray Daily

    CWisBlueGrayDaily Blue Gray Daily is a Civil War interactive news site and forum with over 2,400 topics.  

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Local Civil War Round Tables

Civil War Roundtables are organizations devoted to the study and recognition of the Civil War. There are many throughout the USA, and they often host regular events to discuss the Civil War and learn more about it in a group setting.

  1. Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia

    CivilWarRoundTableoftheDistrictofColumbia This Round Table sponsors visits to battlefield sites, an annual tour, and other events. They also regularly host speakers and publish newsletters.

  2. Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table

    BrandywineValleyCivilWarRoundTable The members of Brandywine Valley Civil War Round Table meet once a month to hear speakers and discuss topics related to the American Civil War. Their site also offers photos, articles, links, and book reviews.

  3. Scottsdale Civil War Round Table

    ScottsdaleCivilWarRoundTable Meetings of the Scottsdale Civil War Round Table are always open to visitors. They conduct book discussions, historical presentations, and more.

  4. Rappahannock Valley Civil War Round Table

    RappahannockValleyCivilWarRoundTable The Rappahannock Valley Civil War Round Table was founded as an organization open to all people interested in learning about the Civil War. Teirebsite includes information about the next program, a review of the previous program, a calendar of upcoming events, and a complete listing of all tours and links to other Civil War and preservation websites.

  5. Powhatan Civil War Round Table

    PowhatanCivilWarRoundTable This round table provides individuals with a way to meet and discuss military actions, the effects of political decisions, and the societal customs that pertain to the American Civil War. They are an educational, non-profit, and non-political organization, with membership open to all adults and students over ten years of age.

  6. Civil War Round Table of Milwaukee and Iron Brigade Association

    CivilWarRoundTableofMilwaukeeandIronBrigadeAssociation Membership to this Round Table is contingent only on a love of and interest in American history. Activities include speakers and discussion of the war, relevant research, and news.

  7. Roanoke Civil War Round Table

    RoanokeCivilWarRoundTable The Roanoke Civil War Round Table is promotes interest, educations, and serious discussion about all aspects of the Civil War. They also support national and regional organizations that preserve battlefield sites.

  8. Mahoning Valley Civil War Round Table

    MahoningValleyCivilWarRoundTable This group of amateur and professional historians brings together like-minded women and men to discuss the history of the Civil War. Members include many knowledgeable and insightful historians who have been published in Civil War related journals.

  9. Austin Civil War Round Table

    AustinCivilWarRoundTable The Austin Civil War Round Table meets monthly from September through June to hear talks by nationally-known speakers. They also sponsor seminars and raise funds to promote the preservation of the hallowed ground where the combatants fought and died.

  10. Ann Arbor Civil War Roundtable

    AnnArborCivilWarRoundtable The Ann Arbor Civil War Round Table is a great resource for those in Michigan who are interested in reading, discussing and hearing about the Civil War. They regularly listen to speakers on various topics from the war and discuss issues of preservation, raise money for those issues, and get information on local, state and national Civil War news.

  11. Pasadena Civil War Round Table, aka the Civil War Round Table of San Gabriel Valley

    PasadenaCivilWarRoundTableakatheCivilWarRoundTableofSanGabrielValley The Pasadena Civil War Round Table meets monthly to hold discussions and hear lectures from experts, authors, reenactors, and others dedicated to educating the public about the American Civil War.  

  12. Hagerstown Civil War Round Table

    HagerstownCivilWarRoundTable The Hagerstown Civil War Round Table is a group of men and women in Maryland interested in the study of the American Civil War. Founded in 1956, they now have over 100 members who study battles, leaders, issues, personalities, politics, logistics, strategy, tactics, blunders and all of the facets that made up the Civil War.

  13. Cameron Highlanders of the North West

    CameronHighlandersoftheNorthWest Cameron Highlanders of the North West sponsor several social events throughout the year. These events center on history, culture, and community.

  14. Association of Mid-Atlantic Civil War Round Tables (AMART)

    AssociationofMidAtlanticCivilWarRoundTablesAMART Found in 1994, the Association of Mid-Atlantic Civil War Round Table is a consortium of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey civil war round tables. These round tables total over 1000 members who are involved in research, historical discussions, events, and preservation events.

  15. San Francisco Civil War Round Table

    SanFranciscoCivilWarRoundTable The San Francisco Civil War Round Table regularly meets to discuss the Civil War. Any interested members are welcome to apply and attend discussions and reenactment events.

  16. Rhode Island Civil War Round Table

    RhodeIslandCivilWarRoundTable Events at the Rhode Island Civil War Round Tale include lectures by authors of Civil War books, presentations by RICWRT members, and other historically relevant events. Guest speakers regularly include well-known Civil War authors and historians such as Edwin C. Bears, David W. Blight, and others.

  17. Louisville Civil War Round Table

    LouisvilleCivilWarRoundTable The purpose of the Louisville Civil War Round Table is to study all aspects of the American Civil War. In addition to dinners, discussions, and trips, the organization makes an annual contribution to a Civil War preservation project.

  18. Richmond Civil War Round Table

    RichmondCivilWarRoundTable This round table’s purpose is to discuss the events, customs, military actions and other activities pertaining to the War Between the States. They are also interested in the preservation and protection of the landmarks, earthworks, relics, and collections of data from that era.

  19. Harrisburg Civil War Round Table

    HarrisburgCivilWarRoundTable The Harrisburg Civil War Round Table works to facilitate the search for understanding about the war. The discussions between members, speaker events, and field trips help to create understanding about the great conflict.

  20. Puget Sound Civil War Round Table

    PugetSoundCivilWarRoundTable The mission of the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable is to educate the public about the history, traditions, heroism and sometime folly of the six million Americans who fought in the Civil War, 1861-1865.

  21. Cleveland Civil War Round Table

    ClevelandCivilWarRoundTable The Cleveland Civil War Roundtable is a nonprofit, all volunteer historical society and social group founded in 1956 and dedicated to the study and discussion of the American Civil War. Its approximately 120 members range in age from 17 to 94 and reflect every level of historical interest and expertise. The common bond shared by its members is the belief that the Civil War is the defining event of American history.

  22. Cincinnati Civil War Round Table

    CincinnatiCivilWarRoundTable The Cincinnati Civil War Round Table, a not-for-profit organization, is a group of men and women from the Greater Cincinnati area dedicated to the study and understanding of the American Civil War.  

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State Civil War Resources

Many individual states, especially those that were most heavily involved in the Civil War, have web pages that share information about that state’s unique history and participation in the war.

  1. Arkansas Civil War

    ArkansasCivilWar The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial develops programs and activities appropriate to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War era. They also work to coordinate the distribution of scholarly research, publications, and interpretation of the Civil War.

  2. Appomattox: Official Tourism Site of Appomattox, Virginia

    AppomattoxOfficialTourismSiteofAppomattoxVirginia Appomattox is a small town in Virginia with a lot of history. Many of their attractions highlight Civil War History, including the Civil War surrender site, an 18th century living history village, and more.

  3. Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation

    ShenandoahValleyBattlefieldsFoundation This organization focuses on preserving the landscapes and battle grounds of the Civil War across Shenandoah Valley. They have extensive resources for educators, students, and researchers.

  4. A Nation Divided: Arkansas and the Civil War

    ANationDividedArkansasandtheCivilWar The Butler Center is an important center of Civil War research in Arkansas. At the Butler Center’s vast Civil War holdings, researchers will find hundreds of letters, diaries, photographs, and other primary materials related to Arkansas’s involvement in the war.

  5. Civilian War Time

    CivilianWarTime This blog is an extension of the work of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources to observe the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. It explores Wartime in North Carolina in the words of those who lived it.

  6. 13thMass Blog

    13thMassBlog This blog honors the history of the Thirteenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers of the Civil War. Entries include soldier biographies, photos, and battle summaries.

  7. 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

    13thMississippiInfantryRegiment This site includes the history, rosters, diaries, and letters from the 13th Mississippi infantry regiment. They include interesting information about weaponry, uniforms, and even food used by the infantry.

  8. Spotsylvania Civil War Blog

    SpotsylvaniaCivilWarBlog This blog is a discussion of all social, political and cultural aspects of the American Civil War battles fought in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. They post photos, historical research and provide battlefield guide services, as well as offer a modern day perspective of the material culture effects of these engagements.

  9. Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls

    IllinoisCivilWarMusterandDescriptiveRolls Using state archives, they have compiled a database of the Illinois veterans who fought in the Civil War. Users can search by name, unit, company, and location.

  10. Missouri Digital Heritage: Soldier’s Records War of 1812 – World War I

    MissouriDigitalHeritageSoldiersRecordsWarof1812WorldWarI The Missouri State Archives holds nearly 1.5 million pages that document the service of Missourians in domestic and foreign wars between 1812 and World War I. The Soldiers Database is a comprehensive database abstracted from the individual service cards and listing more than 576,000 Missourians who served in the military.

  11. Indiana Civil War Soldiers Database

    IndianaCivilWarSoldiersDatabase This is a demonstration project initiated by the Library of Congress involving multiple partner states and administered by the Washington State Archives. The Indiana Digital Archives is the result of nearly two decades of indexing projects undertaken by Friends of the Indiana Archives volunteers.

  12. Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area

    TennesseeCivilWarNationalHeritageArea The Tennessee Civil War National Heritage Area tells the whole story of America’s greatest challenge, 1860-1875: the powerful stories of vicious warfare, the demands of the homefront and occupation, the freedom of emancipation, and the enduring legacies of Reconstruction.

  13. Dead Confederates, A Civil War Era Blog

    DeadConfederatesACivilWarEraBlog This blog is written by Andy Hall. He writes this blog as an attempt to explore the problematic issues that resulted from the Civil War and how we can still relate today.  

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Certain battles in the Civil War have captured historians’ imaginations more than nearly any other events in military history. The Battle of Gettysburg has been studied extensively, and has proven to be one of the most fascinating events of the Civil War.

  1. The Blog of Gettysburg National Military Park

    TheBlogofGettysburgNationalMilitaryPark This site shares all Gettysburg related news and history. The National Military Park works to support Civil War education materials and distribution of Gettysburg related research.

  2. Friends of Gettysburg

    FriendsofGettysburg The Gettysburg Foundation’s mission is to enhance the preservation and understanding of the lasting significance of Gettysburg and its national parks. It focuses its work primarily on the battle of Gettysburg and its context in the American Civil War, as well as President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

  3. Battle of Gettysburg Buff

    BattleofGettysburgBuff This is a comprehensive site, dedicated to documenting, digitizing, and sharing the events surrounding Gettysburg. Resources include book lists, relevant websites, landscape photo tours, and more.

  4. Bull Runnings

    BullRunnings Bull Runnings houses a digital history project on the First Battle of Bull Run. The blog owner is a Contributing Writer for America’s Civil War and a Digital History Advisor for The Civil War Monitor.

  5. Three Days at Gettysburg

    ThreeDaysatGettysburg This site covers important battles and historical places from the Civil War, focused on the events at Gettysburg. The site includes maps, photos, and other entries.

  6. The Civil War ~ the conflict in the East

    TheCivilWartheconflictintheEast This blog documents the involvement of the Civil War in Maryland. It covers research and history from the Antietam and Gettysburg campaigns, as well as Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg and The Wilderness.

  7. Valley Thunder: The Battle of New Market

    ValleyThunderTheBattleofNewMarket This site shares the most up-to-date with the publication of Charles Knight’s Valley Thunder: The Battle of New Market. This book takes an in-depth look at various aspects of the battle, as well as social and political consequences.

  8. Gettysburg: Day 2

    GettysburgDay2 This site focuses on the history of the battle of Gettysburg. It features photos of miniature display battlefields alongside chronological and historical details of the events.

  9. Battle of Nashville Preservation Society

    BattleofNashvillePreservationSociety The Battle of Nashville Preservation Society, Inc. was formed in 1992 by a group of Nashvillians. Their mission is to search for and identify unimproved ground that played important roles in the 1864 battle and find a way to protect it from development.

  10. Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation

    CedarCreekBattlefieldFoundation The Cedar Creek Battlefield was formed to acquire, protect & preserve lands & physical objects relating to the Battle of Cedar Creek. They work to interpret the research, history, and cultural impact of the war in this area.  

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Sesquicentennial Commemorations

This year marked the 150th anniversary of many key events of the Civil War. The sesquicentennial has been recognized and celebrated in various ways by historians, states, museums, and other historical organizations with specific interests in the Civil War.

  1. Civil War: 150-Year Anniversary | The Tennessean

    CivilWar150YearAnnivesaryTheTennessean This site shares the stories of Tennessee’s role in the Civil war. Tennessee saw more action in the war than any state except Virginia due to its proximity to the other Confederate states, rivers, and railroad system, and it has a rich history.

  2. Ford’s Theatre Civil War 150

    FordsTheatreCivilWar150 From 2011 to 2015, Ford’s Theatre is offering many programs to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Visitors experience dynamic theatrical productions about Lincoln’s life and presidency.

  3. Tennessee Civil War 150

    TennesseeCivilWar150 As the nation marks the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, Nashville Public Television (NPT) and the Renaissance Center present Tennessee Civil War 150, a new series of documentaries delves into life in Tennessee during the war.

  4. Virginia Memory CW 150 Legacy Project

    VirginiaMemoryCW150LegacyProject The Civil War 150 Legacy Project provides individuals an opportunity to have their historic letters, diaries and other collections scanned to preserve their valuable content. The goal of this project is to enhance the information available to researchers.

  5. Organization of American Historians: The Civil War at 150

    OrganizationofAmericanHistoriansTheCivilWarat150 The Organization of American Historians sponsors awards, prizes, fellowships and grants in recognition of scholarly and professional achievements in the field of American history. During the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the OAH is committed to bringing the best current thinking about this time period to a wide audience.

  6. Missouri Civil War Sesquicentennial

    MissouriCivilWarSesquicentennial The Missouri Civil War Sesquicentennial is the state’s official effort to look back at the Civil War.

  7. Indiana’s Civil War 150th Commemoration

    IndianasCivilWar150thCommemoration The Indiana Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee works to encourage Hoosiers to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. They provide online resources to help people gain a better understanding of Indiana’s part in the war and to encourage communication among interested individuals, groups, and organizations.

  8. CIVIL WAR 150th – Appomattox County, Virginia

    CIVILWAR150thAppomattoxCountyVirginia Across Virginia and the United States, Sesquicentennial commemorative events marking the 150th anniversary of the Civil War began in 2009 and will continue through 2015. Appomattox County is participating in the capstone of Virginia’s Sesquicentennial, marking the meeting of Generals Lee and Grant.

  9. Vermont Civil War Sesquicentennial

    VermontCivilWarSesquicentennial As Vermont played a key role in the Civil War, and their Civil War center helps people discover the contributions of soldiers and civilians. They are also hosting several events and performances in commemoration of the Civil War.

  10. 150 – Civil War Travel

    150CivilWarTravel is an excellent resource for Sesquicentennial information. They have links to the websites created for the Civil War 150th anniversary events all over the country.

  11. Iowa Civil War Sesquicentennial

    IowaCivilWarSesquicentennial This site is powered by the State Historical Society of Iowa. The mission of the Iowa Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee is to publicize events and programs observing the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War in Iowa.

  12. Mississippi Civil War 150

    MississippiCivilWar150 The mission of this site is the recognition of the Mississippi experience in the American Civil War. They work to enhance public education, community participation and civic discussion, as well as expanding historical perspectives.

  13. Tri-State 150th Civil War Anniversary

    TriState150thCivilWarAnniversary NOT FOUND

  14. The Smithsonian: Civil War 150

    TheSmithsonianCivilWar150 This is the eyewitness account of the battle of the first Manassas/Bull Run by Mary Henry, who is the daughter of the first Smithsonian Secretary.

  15. Ohio Civil War 150

    OhioCivilWar150 Made up of individuals from around the state, a group of scholars and Ohio Civil War 150 staff convene to begin answering the question: What is Ohio’s Civil War story when viewed through a fresh perspective today?

  16. North Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial

    NorthCarolinaCivilWarSesquicentennial The North Carolina Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee’s mission is to develop and execute a multi-year program of state-sponsored activities to commemorate, in an appropriate and historically accurate manner, the richness, diversity, and significance of the state’s participation in and contributions to the American Civil War.  

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There are entire museums dedicated to the Civil War and all its facets. These organizations preserve historic documents, images, facts, and anecdotes to ensure that Civil War history remains accessible to everyone.

  1. African American Civil War Memorial

    AfricanAmericanCivilWarMemorial The African American Civil War Memorial & Museum’s stated mission is “to preserve and tell the stories of the United States Colored Troops & African American involvement in the American Civil War.” They provide lectures, tours, genaeological info and other rich educational programming.

  2. The American Civil War Museum’s Museum of the Confederacy

    TheAmericanCivilWarMuseumsMuseumoftheConfederacy The Museum of the Confederacy’s mission is to serve as the center for the display, study, interpretation, commemoration, and preservation of the history and artifacts of the Confederate States of America. They own the world’s most comprehensive collection of artifacts and documents related to the Confederate States of America – over 130,000 items.

  3. The American Civil War Exhibit – Civil War Collections at Michigan State University

    TheAmericanCivilWarExhibitCivilWarCollectionsatMichiganStateUniversity As part of the sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War, University Archives & Historical Collections staff are transcribing and digitizing its collections relating to the Civil War. Their collections include hundreds of pages of correspondence, diaries, musters, reminiscences, and photographs, all available to the public.

  4. Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

    BeauvoirJeffersonDavisHomeandPresidentialLibrary The Beauvoir is an important Civil War landmark. They offer elf guided walking tours that include including the grounds, Memorial Cemetery, and Presidential Library, and have many historical artifacts, such as flags, weapons, and clothing, on display.

  5. Civil War Veterans Museum

    CivilWarVeteransMuseum This museum is dedicated to the memory of both Union and Confederate veterans. They serve the community as a meeting place, research library and historical museum.

  6. National Museum of Civil War Medicine

    NationalMuseumofCivilWarMedicine The NMCWM is dedicated to telling the medical story of the civil war–a story of care and healing, courage and devotion amidst the death and destruction of America’s bloodiest war.  

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More About Civil War History

The Civil War is one of the most storied and studied events in American history. Learning about it should be a priority for every citizen, especially those who are currently involved in the military.

  1. Civil War Trust

    CivilWarTrust The Civil War Trust is America’s largest non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of our nation’s endangered Civil War battlefields. They promote educational programs and heritage tourism to inform the public of the war’s history.

  2. Civil War News

    CivilWarNews Civil War News publishes more than 600 coming event listings a year. They also offer extensive coverage of preservation efforts and threats at sites across the country, reviews of more than 200 Civil War books a year, and regular columns about firearms.

  3. Civil War Education Association and American History Forum

    CivilWarEducationAssociationandAmericanHistoryForum The mission of the CWEA is to enhance the memory and further the understanding of the American Civil War through educational programs for adults and youth. They regularly present in seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops and tours on American History.

  4. Remembering Lincoln at Gettysburg

    RememberingLincolnatGettysburg Cornell University has a dedicated blog focused on the Civil War. They regularly post about artifacts, including letters and photos, as well as about major events, such as Gettysburg Address.

  5. The Lincoln Institute

    TheAbeLincolnInstitute The Lincoln Institute concentrates on providing support and assistance to scholars and groups involved in the study of the life of America’s 16th President and his preservation of the United States. They promote the development and dissemination of printed materials, broadcast products, conferences and Internet resources on Mr. Lincoln.

  6. J. David Petruzzi

    JDavidPetruzzi J. David Petruzzi has been a life-long student of history. He has written many articles, books and now a television miniseries. Although his primary interest is the American Civil War, he also enjoys all aspects of American and world history.

  7. Civil War Talk

    CivilWarTalk CivilWarTalk is a forum for students and fans of the American Civil War. They are a leading resource for every researcher seeking historical information and opinions relating to the American Civil War.

  8. The Civil War (1861-1865): A History Podcast

    TheCivilWar18611865AHistoryPodcast This site sponsors the content relevant to this Civil War podcast. Some online content includes book reviews and recommendation, as well as various historical case studies and individual biographies.

  9. American Civil War Forums

    AmericanCivilWarForums Civil War Forums is a place for collectors of America’s Civil War history, as well as World War’s One and Two, to discuss history. Here, experts and amateurs can come together to learn and share their knowledge.

  10. American Civil War Forum

    AmericancivilwarForum American Civil War Forum is a community consisting of experts, moderators and volunteers, committed to sharing awareness and knowledge about the Civil War. The site is organized by category, and any user can submit questions.

  11. ASUVCW Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

    ASUVCWAuxiliarytoSonsofUnionVeteransoftheCivilWar This organization works to support the Sons of Union Veterans. They strive to aid in caring for disabled Veterans, to properly observe Memorial Day, and serve as a historical bridge to those who served in the Civil War.

  12. The Valley of the Shadow

    TheValleyoftheShadow The Valley of the Shadow Project details life in two American communities, one Northern and one Southern during the American Civil War.

  13. 34th United States Colored Troops and 2nd South Carolina Volunteers

    34thUnitedStatesColoredTroopsand2ndSouthCarolinaVolunteers This site serves as a historical tribute to the 34th Regiment Infantry United States Colored Troops. Their links to past records and archives help to educate students and other interested parties in this important infantry unit.

  14. My Year of Living Rangerously

    MyYearofLivingRangerously This blog is run and written by a Park Guide at the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Washington DC. Posts regularly include historical reflection, discussion and review of commemorative events as well as notes about the National Park Services.  

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Even More Great Civil War History Resources

We tried to cap this list at 100, and we couldn’t do it. There are too many amazing Civil War websites and resources online, and here are a few more from various categories that we absolutely had to mention.

  1. The Cornstalk Mess

    TheCornstalkMess In their own words, The Cornstalk Mess is “a group of historical interpreters and living historians, whose main goal is to educate the public striving for an authentic portrayal of the common civil war soldier.” The group’s attention to detail and passion for preserving the quotidian details of Civil War soldiers are unparalleled.

  2. Civil War Data 150

    CivilWarData150 Civil War Data 150 (“CWD150”), is a collaborative project to share and connect Civil War related data across local, state and federal institutions during the four year sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.

  3. Cenantua’s Blog

    CenantuasBlog Robert H. Moore writes this blog to discuss the Civil War and Southern Unionism in the area of the area of the Shenandoah Valley.

  4. Friends of the Hunley

    friendsofthehunley Friends of the Hunley is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the H.L. Hunley complete her historic journey. The goals of the charity are to solve the mystery of the submarine’s disappearance, conserve one of the greatest, most sought-after artifacts in the history of naval warfare and have it on permanent public display so others can learn from her history of technological advancement.

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