The Benefits of Distance Education for Service-members

While in the military, attending college simultaneously may seem daunting, but learning online makes it much more feasible. Distance education affords individuals the flexibility to focus on military service with the varying schedule that accompanies it and pursue their dreams without having to wait until completing service. Understanding how to …

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What Does “Military Friendly” Mean?

For veterans or active duty personnel, finding a college of university that’s “military friendly” can be challenging. There are numerous reasons for this, one being not all schools that claim to be “military friendly” actually are. Another reason is the definition of “military friendly” is fairly vague. With this in …

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Understanding the G.I. Bill: History and Overview

You’ve sacrificed your time and more to protect this country. Now it’s time to boost your educational experiences and become a college graduate to protect your own financial future. Be a G.I. Bill genius, and learn about your educational benefits so you can use them to the fullest. The benefits …

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